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Devilman Vs. Smiley
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Character Bios


Devilman, is infact the 1 000+ year old satan.  He is a knob-jockied, shit-kicker, who tries to kill Smiley as he had a strange vision (while under the influence of LSD), that he must kill Smiley as he is meant to die as fate had turned out that way.  Devilman is such as dumbass that he doesn't even know that that is actually the Grim Reaper's job.  Devilman is kinda like the Scratchy in 'Itchy and Scratchy' or if you don't watch 'The Simpsons', Tom in 'Tom and Jerry.'   You almost have to feel sorry for him... or not.
Smiley is basically a 24 year old smiley dude that you would find as emoticons on a standard "messenger."  Smiley is the innocent, but leathal killer, like Bugs Bunny, but Bugs, with the violence.  Smiley's story is that he was innocently skateboarding one day, unaware of Devilman lurking in the firery pits of hell, when all of a sudden Devilman bursts out and tries to kill him.  Instead he breaks Smiley's skateboard, now Smiley's angry, now Smiley wants revenge, all of this in a nice way.  Smiley gets his samurai sword in the same fashion as "The Bride" receives hers in 'Kill Bill: Volume 1'
Officer Knob-Jockey

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