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Devilman Vs. Smiley
Character Bios
About Us
About Us

On this page we will describe our background and philosophy.

Our Mission

Our mission is basically to make people laugh at this ironic flash animation.  Debriefing:
Devilman vs. Smiley is about the devil and a smily dude (see the pic of him on the homepage) fighting it out.  It is the age old classic of good vs. evil in the form of an Itchy and Scratchy or Popye and Brutus cartoon, but only with stick people.  The story has it that one day Smiley was minding his own business, skating in the street, when the heavens from below open up and the devil appears and breaks Smiley's skateboard for no apparent reason and now Smily wants Blood!  The problem being- the devil is immortal.

Our History

There isn't too much history, Devilman vs. Smiley were created one day during our Geography class when Matt became bored and started drawing- problem being the best he can draw is stick people and from there inspirations came and it has lead to the beginning.

Site created by Carl Tolomei. Animation by Carl Tolomei. Idea, concepts and original sketches by Matthew Titmuss. 2004